Wedding Band - Wedding Band


Can’t decide whether to choose a DJ or a band for your wedding day?

No need to decide, have both at the same time!

It’s a big question nowadays: whether to have a DJ or a band for your wedding. Younger guests would probably want a DJ, while the older guests may prefer a live band.
It can be very expensive to hire both, and you might worry about the time taken to clear away all of the equipment after the band has finished playing, which could be even longer if all the guests are on the dancefloor. And, it would be an added pain on your big day to have to deal with both a DJ AND a band separately.

We can bring you the best of both worlds! Our service provides both a live band and professional DJ, bringing all the advantages of both, and none of the disadvantages, whilst meeting the demands of both the younger and the older generations.

So, how does it work?

Our band has 4 members: a singer, a guitarist, a saxophonist, and a DJ. The DJ gives the base, but the different tracks will be played/sung live by the musicians. The DJ remains at the turntable and plays the music even if the band takes a break. Therefore the party never stops, unless you request so.

We play many styles of music, from oldies to current radio hits. We continuously practicing and accepting special requests on demand.


Singer: Réka Nagybaczoni

Saxofon: Márton Havlik

Guitar: András Lájer

DJ: Tamás Maxi



Wedding Band

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