Péter Steiner - video

Entertaining with moving pictures is always more fun and more informative then with static content. I am aspiring to affect emotions by the different angles, camera moves during the shooting, and by connecting the right music to your video during the studio works.

5 years of experience in shooting and at studio.
1000 hours spent behind and twice as much in front of the camera.

FULL HD (1920x1080) resolution, Cinemascope movie screen contrast, moving picture life, unique lighting and professional studio work.
DSLR technique and advanced-lighting optics.

Your history, your dreams! No weddings are alike, all stories are different. Every story and dream are unique, like you are.

Devil never sleeps; therefore I am always equipped with extra accessories.

During the years I have been working with many different people and in many different situations. I like to work with people individually and in team. I consider every wedding a new and exciting adventure, as no weddings are alike.
Being a camera-man is my prior job. I do the shooting, recording and all the studio works as my prior task despite of many other camera-men. I started out from the local television. Later I contracted to external studios, where we have created programmes, ads and spots to various TV channels beside the shooting at various events (sport, fashion, cultural).
I guarantee the quality, accuracy and enthusiasm.
DSLR cameras, advanced-lighting optics, professional studio works and my attitude make my videos come alive.





Péter Steiner
+36 30 622 5837