Our team

Ákos Vörös

I am recording your moments that you can share with your beloveds. I am working with the light that is made unique by the smiley, happiness and emotions. Live the moment and remember it forever I am Akos, and I am here to help you with the above.


Tamás Maxi

To provide the best possible party memories – that is my aim! I am free-floating my creativity, reacting to the feedbacks immediately and living with the audience – and that is my secret!


Péter Steiner

Entertaining with moving pictures is always more fun and more informative then with static content. I am aspiring to affect emotions by the different angles, camera moves during the shooting, and by connecting the right music to your video during the studio works.


Welcome to our page and thank you for your interest.

You may experience an information overload today in every area of the life, especially on the wedding market. It takes a lot of time and effort to read through and select based on those information you caught. The different service-providers are providing different services from which you need to decide what and who could best fit into your imagination. You may worry about to find the equivalent level of partners for each task (dj, video, photo, etc). This could take for a long time and effort.

We are here and ready to help you with our professional knowledge and experiences. Our aims are determined by our above slogan. With our presence you can make sure you will get Quality work, lots of Fun and sweet and ageless Memories.

We are working together effectively and efficiently. We help each other when necessary. Together we are creating a synergy thus providing you an even more and better product that you could expect. Beside the teamwork we are available as individual service-providers as well. If you are looking for an experienced and professional wedding DJ, cameraman or photographer please click on our pages in the menu bar.

We are...

  • a young, flexible and dynamic team
  • representing both modern and classic-style weddings
  • paying attention to your expectations
  • resolving any issues quickly and effectively
  • providing services what we would be buying, too

We are NOT...

  • an event organizing company thus we have no extra costs built in the prices
  • aiming to undertake as many weddings as possible. Instead we are focusing on having less weddings, and always providing quality work

We are here to help you making your wishes and dreams to come true.
Please provide us as much information as possible and raise your questions when filling out the offer form.
You can expect our reply within 24 hours.